The Pediatric Psychiatry Resource Network (PediPRN) is facilitated by Bradley Hospital with grant support from the Rhode Island Department of Health and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island.

This telephonic consultation program encourages pediatric primary care providers (PPCPs) to consult with mental health specialists, thus improving access to and delivery of high-quality pediatric mental health services. The free service is offered to all PPCPs in Rhode Island, though enrollment in advance is encouraged.

Any child or adolescent in Rhode Island who comes to a pediatric primary care practitioner with evidence of a possible, or likely, mental health disorder is eligible for the free service, which is funded by the state grant and philanthropic support.

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Enrollment is free and ensures access to all PediPRN services


Supporting pediatric primary care practitioners in addressing the mental health care of their patients

Talking with Children about Racism

Many parents worry that talking about tragic or painful events will worsen children’s anxiety. The fact is not talking about it can increase a child’s sense of uncertainty and anxiety in both younger and older children.

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During this challenging and uncertain time of COVID-19, we have created resources to help you take care of your patients